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Monthly seminar «Contemporary Childhood: Theory and Practice»

The Seminar is a large-scale project launched in 2014 by Moscow State University of Psychology and Education in cooperation with the National Research University Higher School of Economics. For three years both institutions took turns in hosting seminars on their campuses and invited renowned experts to discuss various aspects of contemporary childhood. In June 2017 Moscow City University and The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia joined the project, turning the seminar into a network event.

 Since then each of the participating Universities holds their own seminar series designing the agenda, the content and the format of their workshops. The main goal of the University cooperation  is elaboration of a joint research programme in the field of interdisciplinary childhood studies.

The aims of the Seminar:

  • to draw the attention of professional community as well as of parents and media to the discussion of various issues connected with contemporary childhood;
  • to gather empirical evidence in order to provide a better understanding of the latest tendencies in the development of contemporary children and adolescents;
  • to define challenges and new areas of research in the field.

The Seminar in MSUPE is hosted by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Contemporary Childhood.  The seminar is held once a month and its duration is two hours.  Every Seminar’s agenda includes two presentations (30 minutes each) that are followed by an open discussion with the audience (60 minutes).

The video records of the past seminars are available below.

The article devoted to the first Seminar (“The impact of Information technologies and the Internet on children’s development”) is available for reading on the webpage of The Teacher’s Newspaper.

Past Events:

27.09.18. Videogames: what games and why do our children play?

26.03.18. Deviating behaviour: how to identify and what to do?

21.12.17. Inclusion of children with autism spectrum disorder: pros and cons.

23.11.17. Migrant children in the context of educational inclusion.

25.10.17.  A child with special needs in a standard school.

28.09.17. Inclusion: benefitsforchildrenorpoliticians?

20.04.17. Children in the context of manipulative practices: (destructive virtual societies, sects, psycocults, extreme communities).

16.02.17. Children in the legal space.

22.12.16. Children in the space of inclusive theatre. 

27.10.16. Blank spots in understanding contemporary childhood.

6.10.16. What kind of play grounds are the most suitable for contemporary children?

2.06.16. School: user manual.

28.04.16. 100 years after childhood: age as a fate vs age as a choice.

24.03.16. From a primary schooler to an adolescent in 1960s and in 2010s. 

18.02.16. What do we know about mental development of the «test tube babies» and their mothers’ attitude to them?

17.12.15. New Year strategic seminar on contemporary childhood: «What will our grandchildren be like?»

26.11.15. Howdocontemporaryadolescentsusesocial networks?

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